Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Added poll categories

I've been wanting to add a topic category setting to polls for a while now.  I know most of you are keeping your polls private and outside the Community Polls page, but I'm anticipating (hoping) that over time it will become more popular. Even now, poll content varies so much that it can be daunting to find polls of interest without scrolling endlessly or searching for keywords until you find something you care about. Not any more.

Topic ButtonThe Community Polls page now has a new icon button and floating menu (to the right of the search box) that lets you select from a list of categories. Click on a category and see the results right away. Active topic filters are indicated on the page and can be cleared right there.

While I was working on this, I decided it was time to change the default display setting to show all polls by default - including those you’ve already voted on. Since new polls are added on top as older ones slide to the bottom anyways, it actually makes more sense to do it this way.

But what if you only want to see polls you haven't voted on yet? Cleverly, I solved this by adding a virtual category called (wait for it): Not Voted. Click on this category and the only polls shown are those you haven't voted on. Voil√°!

This feature is live now.

Next I'm going to tackle the embeddable poll issue. Right now you can post a link to your polls and if you send voting invitations through our servers emails shows a nice embedded poll but how about blogs and websites or emails sent through third parties? Solutions coming soon.

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