Monday, April 30, 2018

New Embeddable Polls

You can now embed polls right on websites and blogs (like this one).

Here is a live poll currently shown in community polls and our home page.

You can select your choices and vote right on the poll. Go ahead, take a chance and cast your vote!

I also updated the poll viewer to make it faster and to make all poll sharing and invite options easier to find. 

One of the drawbacks of iframes (the technology behind the embedded poll above) is that you can’t use them in emails. If you use iframes in email, most spam filters out there will junk it. Not a good idea.

Our email sharing options can already create beautiful emails for you with embedded polls (not using iframes) that don’t get blacklisted, but what if you are using a commercial email marketing company or host your own mail server and want to add a poll to your campaigns? The solution now is to add a URL link to your poll that is associated with an image or text selection clients can click on and visit. This works, but I think I have a better solution I want to try implementing as a challenge. If it works it should be pretty neat.

Stay tuned and in the meantime embed some Quikipolls on your websites and blogs!

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